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Storm Troopers is the name of Four Wind's North Face. A mountain in Alaska. It used to be the Mecca for Heli skiing until it has been forbidden to fly above, and drop some skiers on it's top. So with my friends Leo (skier) and Zach (photographer), we decided to go by foot to ride this famous mountain.

In order to achieve our plan, we had to set up a camp in the mountain and wait for the right weather window. We had to dig out a snow cave to protect ourselves from the wind and bad weather, and finally started to hike this true fortress.


Standing at the top of the mountain, in the footstep of our idol, was a dream coming true.

Powder, technical spines, and steep lines, is what makes this face so unique.

After putting several lines down this steep mountain, it was time to go back home, with big smiles on our faces.

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