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37 days
From 0 to 5959 m
80 kg of gear
carte logan.png
Mc Carthy
Huberts Landing
Mount Logan
cesna 172.png
Malaspina Lake

On my way back from Pakistan, and after achieving one of my main dreams it was hard  to come up with a new exciting project. Nonetheless Helias, one of our mountain guide during our Pakistani adventure, asked me if I wanted to join him for the ascent and descent of Mt Logan (5959 m) East Ridge. And instead of flying in, we would start hiking from the ocean and cross some of the largest glaciers in the world.

It has been a lot of work ahead. Dealing with logistics, getting the autorisation to cross the border in the middle of nowhere, from Alaska to Yukon and back. Planning all the food for 45 days in full autonomy. Organizing the traverse of the Yakutat bay with a fisherman...

The mission has been a success. We went through a lot of difficulties and hard time, but we had a solid crew. On May 23rd 2019 we were standing on the top of Mt Logan, ready to ride down the steep ridge.

We are coming back with some astonishing footages, which are ready to be edited into a documentary.

From Glacier maze, to bear encounter, and traversing iced steep ridges, and clouds of mosquitos in the bush, the adventure was rich, and we can't wait to share it with the public.



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